Thompson tease twists Tennessee talkers
Conservative radio hosts are stuck with home-boy globalist

Tom Kovach
Tom Kovach
June 1, 2007

Two of my WND columns about Fred Thompson have struck some nerves. On the one hand, the information is unassailable. On the other hand, the information is unpopular. Nobody wants to admit that they've been hoodwinked. That seems especially true for Republicans particularly those that don't actually pay attention to political details. (That would include a lot more high-profile people than one might realize.)

Three popular talk-radio hosts in Nashville have "hitched their wagon" to Fred Thompson even though he is not yet a candidate for president. The report that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations has caused some back-pedaling by at least one of those hosts. For two weeks, he distanced himself from Thompson, saying on-air that "if the reports about Thompson are true, then I couldn't vote for him." In recent days, however, the shift is in the other direction, with the host asking, "What's so bad about NAFTA?" It seems that Thompson has the talkers twisting to cover for him.

In the early 1960s, globalist Nelson Rockefeller praised the European Common Market as an example of incrementalism that would eventually lead to a European government. It took thirty more years for the European Union to come out of the closet. NAFTA is modeled after the European Common Market, and has been around for a dozen years. Democratic President Bill Clinton (CFR member) heavily promoted NAFTA in 1993-1994, and Republican Senator Fred Thompson (CFR member) voted to expand NAFTA in 1998. NAFTA has paved the way for open borders on the North American continent, just as the Common Marked did on the European continent. Incrementalism is to globalism as leather is to shoemaking.

But, some folks still cling to the myth that "Uncle Fred" is just a good-ole-boy that got suckered in by those fast-talking Yankee lobbyists. To believe that, one must ignore the fact that Thompson was a Washington lobbyist for almost 20 years before his Senate run. One of his clients was General Electric. They purchased the NBC television network. You know, the network that airs the series Law and Order ... starring Fred Thompson. That series was sued by The Minutemen regarding a smear episode. You know, the episode that did not cause Thompson to quit the series.

NBC is affiliated with Newsweek, which did a softball piece called 'Keeping It Between Friends'. It downplayed any rivalry between Thompson and fellow Republican Senator John McCain (CFR-member), who has already announced his run for the White House. In the Senate, Thompson had voted to support McCain's "campaign finance reform" package. (You know, the laws that muzzle grassroots conservatives, passed by "conservative" Republicans.) The Newsweek piece included a quote from the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Richard Land (CFR member), who favors Thompson. You know, the same Dr. Richard Land that led the Justice Sunday rallies. You know, the rallies that convinced conservative Christians to support "conservative" Republican President George W. Bush's nomination of John Roberts to the US Supreme Court. You know, they guy that became Chief Justice on his first day on the court. You know, the guy that represented the Playboy empire when he was in private law practice. Yeah, that religious conservative.

Fred Thompson participated in a panel discussion with another CFR member, Democrat George Mitchell. He got his start in Federal politics when appointed by President Jimmy Carter (CFR member). Leon Panetta, who was White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, hosted the discussion. While giving the facade of rivalry between the Democratic and Republican Parties, Thompson and Mitchell were in jovial agreement on globalist topics. Mitchell is chairman of the second-largest law firm in the world, DLA Piper. You know, the firm that recently put a full-service, "multicultural" office in Dubai. You know, the port city in a country that tried to buy American port operations with oil money. Mitchell's law firm has a "strategic alliance" with a consulting group owned by former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen (CFR member), which did PR work on behalf of DP World, the Dubai company that tried to buy the ports.

Of course, it's a total coincidence that Cohen (a self-described "moderate" Republican, who headed DoD under Democrat Bill Clinton) is working with Mitchell (former Democratic Majority Leader of the US Senate), and that all are members of the same globalist organization as Fred Thompson. It's a total coincidence that DP World bought a British company, which operates American ports, and is now building the London Gateway petroleum port. It's a total coincidence that globalist politicians in Great Britain turned a blind eye as Muslim extremists grew in numbers and power to the point that their country's capital is nicknamed Londonistan. It's a total coincidence that globalist politicians in America have turned a blind eye as Muslim extremists grow in numbers and power to the point that a terrorist group can establish a 'town' called Islamberg, and defy the government for 20 years. It's a total coincidence that globalist politicians like President George W. Bush (Skull and Bones Society member) and former US Senator Bill Frist (CFR member) can work to weaken our American borders without being impeached, because both houses of Congress are so full of CFR members and other global Socialists.

Yep, total coincidence, just like Fred Thompson's marriage to Jeri Kehn, who was a media consultant with George Mitchell's law firm of Verner Liipfert at that time. Coincidentally, that firm which historically had strong ties to the Democratic Party merged with the Piper Rudnick firm the same year that Kehn married Thompson. That begs the question, "What did Jeri know, and when did she know it?" Considering that she was a former consultant to the Republican National Committee, one must wonder how she was able to be a spokesman for a Democrat-led law firm. Of course, that firm did also hire former Republican US Senator Bob Dole. Normally, this writer considers family members "off limits" in politics. But, Jeri Kehn Thompson is a seasoned attorney, and has been described as a 'key player' in her husband's presidential machinations. We all know what happened the last time that the attorney wife of a CFR member was a "key player" in her husband's presidential campaign.

Voters need to look at the facts, and not be hoodwinked by a country-boy image, or the fictional roles that an actor portrays, or the hidden support of an 'un-named' Christian leader. (Was it CFR member Richard Land?) The fact is that Fred Thompson's globalist pedigree is unquestionable. The fact is that, no matter how much we may like "Uncle Fred," he is the wrong man for the White House. (Except, of course, in the movies.) The fact is that, even if we agree with our favorite talk-radio hosts on 99 percent of topics, we can't follow them down the twisting trail into Thompson's globalist quicksand.

Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. He recently published his first book. He is also an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and a former talk-radio host. He is available to speak to your group. To learn more, visit:

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